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I am a firm believer that every artwork is destined for someone's home. Art is more than just a pretty picture hanging on the wall. It is a window into the soul and reflects the innermost feelings and thoughts within us. Art speaks to people in different ways and can connect to people based on their experiences. It has a distinct voice that speaks to the viewer and connects with them in a way that is unique to them alone. Just as each person has their own unique style, personality and voice, so does each home. Whether it be romantic and moody or vibrant and light, each home has its own personality, its own energy, and its own story.

Where art comes into play is that it has the power to enhance and complement this energy, to bring joy and beauty to the space that you spend your time in. Its role is to help tell the story of your home as well as become an extension of you. Every painting is a piece created for a specific person, a specific home. As an artist and designer, I strongly believe that every person should have the opportunity to own beautiful pieces of art and it is my role to help you find the right painting to complement your sanctuary. I would love to help you find or create the perfect piece for your home, where it can be seen and appreciated in all of its glory and keep you inspired for many years to come.

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Welcome to my Art Studio

I am Alexis Steyn

I am so glad that you are here! I hope that you enjoy scrolling through my website and find a bit of inspiration through each artwork. Please be sure to drop me a line or connect on social media if you would like to get in touch!

About me: As a visual artist, I believe in the power of creativity and how our surroundings impact our lives on a daily basis. It is my mission to bring an awareness to this fact and invite the spark of imagination back into people's lives. I have a deep appreciation for the arts and culture and it is my goal to share this with as many people as I possibly can. Here at my studio, I not only create art but also want to empower others to find their own self expression and explore how each artwork resonates with them. The beauty of art is that it relates to people in different ways and extracts emotions in us that can be buried deep within the subconscious mind. I hope to bring this to the surface and shine a light on these emotions and release them from the psyche as art can be cathartic and healing.

My objective is to create art that is uplifting, stirs emotion and invites playfulness. The mind is limitless if you allow it to be open to infinite possibilities.

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Commission A Piece That Reflects Your Individuality

I would love to create a special piece just for you! Creating a customised commission artwork for you to love and cherish and that lasts for generations to come is a truly special experience. When you commission an Alexis Steyn piece, you are not only purchasing an artwork that is tailor made for you, but also investing in a piece that will set the mood and tone of your home as each artwork makes a statement of its own. Before commencing an artwork, I will have a consultation with you where we can discuss your artwork ideas and any other requirements such as the size, composition and colour palette that suits your needs.

To get started on creating the artwork you have envisioned, please get in touch via email at or visit the contact page for more details. Please keep in mind custom paintings/illustrations take longer to produce (1-6 months) based on the scope of work required. Shipping is available worldwide and payment plans are available upon request.

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