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Immerse yourself in the meaningful and passionate world of art, where brush strokes intertwine to create remarkable presence that elevates your atmosphere.

I'm Alexis Steyn

Welcome to My Studio

I am a believer in surrounding yourself with what makes you feel comfortable, elevated and alive! Here at my studio, I create art to empower others to find their own self expression and to bring more light and beauty into the world.

My objective is to create art that is uplifting, stirs emotion and invites playfulness. The mind is limitless if you allow it to be open to infinite possibilities.

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Are you ready to become a collector?

I am a firm believer that each artwork is destined for the right collectors home. Art is more than just a pretty picture hanging on the wall. It is a window into the soul and reflects our innermost feelings and thoughts. Art speaks to us in different ways and connects differently to people based on our experiences. Just as each person has their own unique style, personality and voice, so does each home. Whether it be romantic and moody or vibrant and light, each home has its own personality, its own energy, and its own story.

Where art comes into play is that it has the power to enhance and complement this energy. It can bring joy and beauty to the space that you spend most of your time in. As an artist and designer, I believe that every person should have access to beautiful pieces of art. I would love to help you find or create the perfect piece for your home, where it can be seen and appreciated in all of its glory, where it can communicate your story and keep you inspired for many years to come.

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