Finding a New Home

 What a cracker of a start to 2023!

January is already coming to an end and so much has already happened this month. Since January 2021, my family and I have been set on moving to the countryside in the beautiful town of Denmark in Western Australia. Two years later, we are finally at the pointy end of what started as a vision of the future and has now become our reality. We have been working hard behind the scenes, packing our lives up and saying goodbye to our friends as we embark on our move down to the country. It is finally time for us to move away from the big smoke and onto greener pastures. 

So much can change so quickly and we feel very blessed to have this opportunity and make the move down to the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. If all goes according to plan, we will move into our new home in early February!

I’ve been dreaming about the new landscapes and inspiration I will find in the picturesque countryside. The lifestyle change and adjustment from city life is something I am looking forward to as I am hoping to connect more with mother nature and getting back to simplicity. If you are looking at your life and want things to change, then you have to become the change. This might sound a bit intense, but it is true and is something I firmly believe in. I am eager to see how my art will expand and morph into something else as the inspiration and setting around me changes. This is what I love about being an artist, you are constantly growing and challenging yourself to expand, it is so necessary because if you don't explore and expand, neither will your art! This is the part that excites me the most as I have learned to accept and appreciate transformation and change. It can be difficult and even ugly breaking out of old habits and moving from a position of comfort to the unknown. What I have learned is it is a lot easier to embrace the change and let the beauty of transformation take you in its arms and shape you into who you are meant to be for this stage in your evolutionary journey. 

On another note, I’m feeling extremely blessed and grateful for how smoothly the process is coming along so far. Although there have definitely been some difficult moments such as not being able to find a rental (you heard me right, we've got 2 weeks left to find a rental! 😱), and saying goodbye to all of our amazing friends and people we have met over the years. Overall I feel strangely calm and like everything will fall into place. I keep telling myself to trust in divine timing and the process. I am usually someone who needs everything to be very organised and planned well in advance to avoid unnecessary stress but sometimes these things are just not in our control. This has been a good reminder for my family and I to really trust in God/Universe/Source (whatever you want to call it) through all of this and believe in his divine timing.

Once I have settled into my new home and everything has calmed down a little, I will get straight back into painting and working on larger pieces. I can't wait to share this new chapter with you and watch as this journey unfolds. Watch this space!

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