International Women's Day Initiative

This International Women’s Day, I want to take a moment to honour and celebrate all women. As an artist and designer who focuses primarily on capturing the essence of the divine feminine, I am dedicated to empowering women through art and its ability to inspire and enrich our lives.

Today we are all taking a moment to celebrate International Women’s Day and whilst this may seem like just another ordinary day to some, for me personally it is a powerful reminder of all of the strong women who have guided me and supported me throughout my life. 

Women have the ability to bring life into the world and play a pivotal role in society. Over the past few years we have seen a huge increase in women rising up to fight for equal rights, justice and breaking down barriers. We have made and continue to make tremendous progress but there are still many groups of women who are marginalised and simply do not have the tools to improve their personal situation. 

In support of these women, I will be donating 20% of every purchase to Liliah Haven which is part of the Paradox Transformation Centre for the day of March 8th 2023. This centre is located in my home city Perth, Western Australia. I have always believed that charity starts at home and have selected Liliah Haven as it is a rehabilitation centre for women who are struggling with alcohol, drugs, trauma, destructive behaviours, depression, anxiety and poor mental health. They provide a holistic recovery program which aims to support the recovery and healing process for women as well as educate, equip and empower women to thrive in future relational and work environments. 


Liliah Haven provides a 5 stage program to help women get back on their feet. 

Stage 1: Settling In (30 Days)

The first 30 days is an important time of settling into a new place and program with new people. Often there is need for detoxing in the first week as well as identifying whether any medical or mental health check-ups with medical professionals is needed. This stage involves transitioning into a new routine, starting to participate in our Group Program and other timetabled activities, and learning how to have healthy relationships in the Haven’s community living.

Stage 2: Identifying Issues (2-5 Months)

This Stage has Participants investigating where, and why, they have “stuck places” and recurring negative patterns in their thinking, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, life situations, and relationships. These personal and relational issues are identified through the morning Group Program that Participants attend on weekdays as well as by professional counselling support etc. Learning healthy relational skills, good boundaries and self-care habits during this time will continue to help with community living at the Haven and prepare participants to maintain healthy living in the future.

Stage 3: Pursuing Healing (3-6 Months)

This Stage involves resolving inner conflict and addressing unresolved emotional pain, which is central to a Participant’s complete recovery. It is a time to address the unresolved trauma at the root of many unhealthy coping mechanisms and addictions. As part of this focus, Participants address healing their perceptions of themselves, others, and the world; challenging any victim mentality and toxic relational patterns.

Stage 4: Generating Change (2-5 Months)

During this Stage there is a key focus on “walking out your healing”. Participants are supported in their journey of creating new pathways of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours. Central to this part of recovery is building new habits and strengthening the management of one’s own emotions and impulses. Leadership development and increase of leadership responsibilities here at Liliah Haven is offered during this Stage. Participants are also supported in beginning to engage with workforce preparation or studies etc. and/or in family counselling and parenting skills etc. as they begin to look at future goals.

Maintaining Breakthrough (1-3 Months)

This Stage is about maintaining new ways of thinking and acting, without relapsing into old toxic habits and relationships. Continued Leadership skills training and subsequent internship opportunities are offered at this time. Participants continue to receive support from the Haven but look to contributing to society by gradually entering the workforce or reintegrating into family responsibilities etc. Participants are supported while regaining confidence in living life successfully and eventually graduate to sustained healthy, independent living.


If you would like to find out more information about Liliah Haven or make a donation to the centre, you can visit their website here 

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