Alexis's Story

From an early age, Alexis was drawn to art and often favoured her colouring in pencils and paints to her other toys. She was always encouraged by her parents and teachers to develop her creativity and skills and her passion for art continued to grow throughout school and then later at university, where she studied Graphic Design and Illustration.

After receiving a BA in Graphic Design and working as a full time graphic designer for a few years, Alexis made the bold decision to follow her true passion and started her own art business with the intention to bring more light and beauty into the world. Alexis finds inspiration in mystical subject matters, the divine feminine, nature and the universe. A combination of these themes and the use of a rich and vibrant colour palette creates a wonderful atmosphere that invites the viewer to transcend into another realm of infinite possibilities.

Alexis spends the majority of her time continuing to develop her unique style and creates pieces that invite the viewer to explore beauty in its many forms, often evoking deep emotion. Her artworks are layered with symbolism and explore mankind's fascination with nature, mythology and the cosmos. As we delve deeper into the heart of the universe, we are left with more questions and possibilities for discoveries yet to come. With this in mind, Alexis seeks to not only elevate the mood of an interior space through beautiful artwork, but also invites the viewer to connect to her artwork on a level that is personal and intuitive. With a belief that artists and other creatives are the true pioneers and influencers of our culture and shape the trends of our time, Alexis creates artworks that are uplifting with a positive vibration. 

"It is my mission to bring the spark of imagination and wonder back into people's lives and remember that carefree feeling that we all had as children. My objective is to create art that is uplifting, to stir emotion and thought, to invite playfulness and open a door to endless possibilities that we could only have dreamed of. More light and virtue is needed in the world and it is my responsibility as a creative to uplift people and make them feel happy and positive through my art. My highest goal is to celebrate life and inspire others to embrace their own individuality and the beauty of the world around us. 

I invite you to take this journey with me as I delve into the unknown and share the beauty that life has to offer through an artistic lens. All we need to do is be inspired and passionate enough to want to create a better reality for ourselves and that begins with imagination."

-Alexis Steyn

Alexis currently resides in Perth, Western Australia with her family and loves to travel to Europe and other international destinations to experience different cultures and gain new perspectives. She draws on these experiences as inspiration for her art and creates pieces with the intention to bring more vibrancy and positivity into people's lives.