Change Your Mindset For Artistic Breakthroughs

Many artists find themselves stuck in a rut or struggle with creative block from time to time. Having an artistic breakthrough can be just the thing you need to become inspired again and help you to push the boundaries with your creativity and the limitations that you may place on yourself. Having a creative breakthrough is something that can also help you gain more clarity on the direction that you are moving in as an artist and this has a ripple effect as it can change the course of your career. 

Creative breakthroughs not only help artists to stretch themselves and discover new pathways when creating art, but they also inspire new ways of thinking, fresh inspiration and an enthusiasm to stay motivated to create. Your passion can bring new energy which is almost contagious and can also affect the lives of others. People may become so drawn to your art and the breakthroughs that you are experiencing that they may decide to follow their own creative passions. Your triumphs can pave the way for other people's triumphs, which places you in a position of leadership and inspiration for others. 

In many cases, a crisis or struggle may take place just before a breakthrough. Remember that this is all part of the journey and even when things seem to get overwhelming or too challenging, it is important to stay the course and have endurance. This is the key to having breakthroughs. Every day is an opportunity for growth, development and breakthroughs. It is ok to let go of old habits, blockages and attitudes in order to persevere and for things to improve. I am a strong believer that we can do anything we set our minds to. It all starts with acceptance and understanding that you may not be where you want to be right now, but you can keep building and showing up every day to create the life that you have envisioned for yourself and with that determination, breakthroughs will follow. Use your inner strength to guide you, listen to people who will support and motivate you and decide to be the authority over your own life. 

There are many exercises that you can do to help you on the path to having  breakthroughs. It usually starts with a positive mindset.

1. Start with a positive mindset

Having and maintaining a positive and healthy mindset and surrounding yourself with people, music, podcasts, books and affirmations that will only uplift you and positively enhance your journey is the foundation to creating the life you have dreamed of. It is ok to say no, to know your limitations and walk away from people or situations that plant seeds of doubt and negativity in your mind, in fact, I have learnt over the years that the only way that I can help myself is by surrounding myself with things that uplift me and make me feel good about my art and the direction I have taken for my business. I have learnt to have great discernment and to implement good habits in order to stay motivated and inspired. The energy of those around you and the things you surround yourself with can definitely impact your state of mind and wellbeing. This is why it is so important to become self aware and to know your boundaries. 

2. Ask, believe, receive

Write down your goals and have a plan for what you want the next year to look like, what the next three years will look like and the next five years. Really take the time to think about the life you want to create for yourself and the goals you would like to achieve. Think about how you would feel, what experiences you would have, who you would have them with, where you would like these experiences to take place. Which goals are long term goals and which are short term goals? 

Write down affirmations and a mission/vision statement that you can say to yourself every day. This is a great process to build more confidence and get you on track with thinking positively and understanding what you would like to gain in the coming years. There is a reason why people say "fake it till you make it", the more you repeat affirmations, the more you will believe in the words that you are saying. Once you believe with a deep conviction, you will start to manifest your dreams and goals. This is the law of attraction.

When writing down your goals and visions for what you would like your life to look like, write them down as though they have already happened. Instead of saying "I will have my own gallery one day" change this sentence to present or past tense and say "I own my own gallery which displays my art and attracts the attention of new clients and art collectors every day". Write your goals every day and say them at least once a day. Another great way to visualise your desires and goals is to create a vision board. Pinterest is a great site to gain fresh ideas and inspiration and you can use this platform to collect images to add to your vision board. I have collected certain images that fit in line with the goals I have set for myself in areas of fitness, lifestyle, finance, my business, the art I want to create, relationship goals etc. As I am quite a visual person, I printed and collaged all of my selected images on a huge board as they are a constant reminder of the goals I aim to achieve this year and in years to come. 

3. Implement a strategy

Think about how you can implement a strategy to reach your goals. This comes with knowing your target audience, networking with others, joining relevant groups that can give you guidance and support you, building an online presence, getting creative and even doing cold calls. This may push you out of your comfort zone, however trial and error is necessary in the breakthrough process. 

When you reach your goals and find a system that works for you, it is important to share the love and share your journey with others who may be starting out and can benefit from what you have learned along the way. Many aspiring artists and new business owners look to more established, successful peers for guidance and help. We have all been in that boat and know how it feels to be at the start of a new journey. I can honestly say that if I didn't have the right mentors and people  around me who were willing to provide me with some guidance, I probably would have had a much harder time trying to figure things out and potentially would have gone back to working as a graphic designer for someone else. When you share your breakthroughs with others, you have the ability to inspire many others and give them the hope that they too can bring their dreams to life.

4. Don't give up

Expect to be pushed to your limits and challenged in new ways that you may have not expected. When you are stretched, you are exposed to being vulnerable and really learning how to cease control. This can be a terrifying part of the process but it is necessary for your own personal growth and for breakthroughs to take place. Being vulnerable and embracing the struggle is not a bad thing, it can really push you to find your voice and become clearer on the message you want to convey as a creative. Taking risks require you to be bold and to let go of control and any expectation you may have for the outcome. Detaching yourself from the outcome and releasing any emotions you have toward it will be the easiest way of coming through a breakthrough with the least amount of pain. Remember to be open minded, expect to be challenged and try to let go of control. 

The best way to having a breakthrough is to consistently be productive and keep working without disruptions. Surround yourself with inspiration and work in an environment that pushes you to be productive. Create, create, create! Every minute you spend working on your creativity and expanding your portfolio, the closer you are to achieving your goals.

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