Cosmic Birth Chart Print A3


The Cosmic Birth Chart Print is a bespoke birth chart designed and made specifically for you based on the time, location and your date of birth. This chart highlights where each planet was placed in the sky at the exact time you were born, along with the placement of the signs and houses that are prominent in your chart.

Designed and written by Alexis, an Artist who also loves Astrology and all of its intricacies, each piece is individually created with you in mind. These birth charts can be used to illuminate your life path and your key character traits.

What's Included:

- Your natal chart print customised to your specifications to reflect the placement of  signs, planets and houses in your chart.
- Each chart comes with a map and description card for the sun, rising and moon signs indicated in your chart.
- An Astrological description card is also included to walk you through what each astrological symbol means and how to read your chart with clarity and confidence. 

Each print is printed on 308gsm Hahnemühle paper and is A3 in size. Frame is not included. 

To purchase a Cosmic Birth Chart Print, please send a purchase enquiry to with the time, date, year and birth city in which you were born (birth time with a.m or p.m, DD/MM/YYYY, birth city). Time must be exact to ensure accurate information, if you do not have this information, please specify in your email.

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