'Written in the Stars' About the Collection

First conceived from a publication design project in 2015, 'Written in the Stars' is an illustrative collection of the 12 signs of the zodiac, a theme explored by Alexis in her earlier works. This collection evolved from small drawings that were used originally in the publication, to larger A3 pencil illustrations with watercolour components that were then photographed and digitally enhanced to create the final artworks. Inspired by the ancient practice of astrology, Alexis immersed herself in the teachings of Evolutionary Astrology and studied with an astrologer  to gain more insight into each of the signs of the zodiac and what they represent. 

Vibrant colours are used to accentuate each illustration and have been carefully selected to reflect the overall feel and tone of each sign and what they individually represent. As the zodiac is made up of earth, fire, water and air signs, different shades of these colours have been used to represent the four elements and their symbolism in astrology. 

The concept of ‘Written in the Stars’ is a continuation of Alexis’s original zodiac artworks completed in 2015. They are all hand drawn in pencil and completed with bright pops of watercolour, a distinctive style that has been replicated again in this series to pay homage to her previous works. The women illustrated in each artwork have evolved along with the style and technique. Each zodiac illustration is carefully considered. From the pose and composition, to the clothes, hairstyle and other surrounding elements, every detail is selected with the archetype of each star sign in mind. These works are modern and are intended to be a conversation starter. The objective of this collection is to not only shed some light on the ancient practice of astrology, but were also created in the hope that women could see themselves reflected in one or more of the artworks. 

Inner Warrior Aries Zodiac Illustration PrintDuality Gemini ZODIAC Illustration PrintBrave Heart Leo Zodiac Illustration PrintDivine Feminine Taurus Zodiac IllustrationSelf Reflection Pisces Zodiac PrintVisionary Aquarius Zodiac Illustration PrintInner Flame Scorpio Zodiac Illustration Print

Sovereign Capricorn ILLUSTRATION PRINTEquilibrium Libra Zodiac Illustration PrintThe Archer Sagittarius Illustration PrintMother Moon Cancer Illustration PrintEthereal Beauty VIRGO Zodiac Illustration Print

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