I am so excited to finally release the details about my upcoming solo exhibition 'Evergreen'. 'Evergreen' consists of lively oil and mixed media paintings, illustrations and watercolour artworks which showcase modern female muses and their relationship with nature's intrinsic beauty. This series of artworks is also characteristic of spring and the new beginnings that come with springtime. Energy is shifted and transmuted into something fresh and there is a renewed sense of hope and freedom for the future. 
The exhibition will run between Saturday 8th October and Sunday 9th October 2022 and will be open to view between 9am-5pm. 
Canning Bridge Community Space
63 Kishorn Road, Mount Pleasant
Perth, Western Australia

If you know any art lovers who would love to view the exhibition, please bring them along, I hope to see you there!
Evergreen Exhibition Art By Alexis Steyn

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